Palante Tech Blog: 2010

Yesterday I installed Open Atrium for the first time. I've been using GoPlan for a few years now and while it's a great app and has been totally satisfactory, we'd prefer to use something free and open source for project management. And since this is a Drupal shop, nothing makes more sense than Open Atrium.
NYC has the first group page on It's a pilot, so comments and suggestions are very welcome to make it more useful. Case Study: Fred from the Man Up Campaign Joomla website Use CiviCRM profiles for contact pages to collect information from site visitors, track their inquiries
Jen Simmons on the Bartik theme Garland - been around since D5 as the core/standard theme D6 - use a good base theme to override crappy HTML in core D7 - folks focusing on making core tpl's non-crappy Stark theme - "Zen Lite" - see the HTML that comes straight out of the core tpls - better theme to adapt than Garland (don't do it!) Seven - the new core admin/back end theme Bartik! new core theme, but it's not actually in core yet because it's not done