Work with Palante Tech

Palante Technology Cooperative seeks a new worker!

Palante Technology Cooperative is seeking a new worker to join our cooperative as a database technician! We are looking for someone who is passionate about supporting progressive nonprofit, social justice, activist and community organizations in meeting their technology goals. The new worker will join our existing CiviCRM team, providing remote assistance, training, documentation and other services to clients across the country. Applications are due January 23, 2017. 

Who We Are

Palante Tech is a worker cooperative that provides tech consulting services to progressive nonprofit, social justice, activist and community organizations. Over the years, in our individual and collective work, we've developed a deep understanding of nonprofit tech needs and the expertise needed to meet them. Each of us has also been long involved with activism and organizing in non-technological capacities, including involvement with many of our client organizations. This breadth of experience allows us to provide services that are tailored to meet the specialized needs of nonprofit community organizations.

Palante Tech is currently comprised of five worker-owners and one worker located in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Detroit and Oakland. You can find out more about each of us on our website at

Wages and Benefits

All Palante Tech workers are paid at the same hourly rate of $31.50, plus patronage when they become worker-owners. Professional development and community involvement of various sorts are paid; we encourage workers to seek out these opportunities! We currently offer paid health time, paid vacation and health and dental insurance to all workers. We have a strong commitment to collective accountability, treating each other well, and ensuring that each worker is able to lead a healthy, fulfilling and balanced life.

Our Worker Cooperative

As a member of our worker cooperative you will participate in the day-to-day business of Palante Tech: prospecting for new work, managing projects and clients, helping with billing and bookkeeping and making business decisions via consensus at our weekly meetings. We have many areas of work, and we encourage everyone to learn about them all and branch out into other areas. All Palante Tech workers are candidates for worker ownership of the cooperative after 9 months of employment. One of the benefits of ownership is patronage, or a share in the company profits based on a worker's percentage of the total hours worked.

Who are we looking for?

Palante Tech is looking for someone based in Atlanta, New York City or Oakland who has a well-rounded set of professional and technical skills and is good at learning new skills. We prefer that you have experience with working remotely and independently; you should be comfortable with a high amount of communication via phone, video, email, chat and an online project management system. Ideal candidates will share our commitment to working with progressive and social justice nonprofits & community organizations.

Your primary role will be to serve as a database technician for our CiviCRM clients. You will provide direct support to clients using CiviCRM, including helping clients with data entry, answering questions about searches and reports and advising on workflows. You will help develop new implementations of CiviCRM, including scoping, project planning, data migration and functionality build-outs. You will also have opportunities to explore and learn other portions of Palante's work.

This is a full time position with flexibility around schedules and exact numbers of hours.

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate the following qualities and skills:

  • Proficiency in problem analysis, troubleshooting, and debugging technical issues;
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal) with careful attention to detail;
  • Able to work independently, with minimal supervision, as well as be part of a team;
  • Talent for explaining technical problems and solutions patiently to non-technical folks in a way that's accessible without being condescending;
  • Confident experience and skill with CiviCRM, or equivalent experience with database administration, management, analysis and integration of similar constituent relationship management systems;
  • Experience with Apache, Linux, PHP and MySQL;
  • Experience with Backdrop, Drupal, WordPress or similar content management systems.

Other pluses:

  • Experience with git or similar version control systems;
  • Experience with data migration;
  • Involvement with CiviCRM or other open source project development and communities;
  • Experience with PGP encryption;
  • Experience with organizational or business administration;
  • Training experience, both in person and remote.


  • Perform regular updates and maintenance for CiviCRM implementations;
  • Participate in new CiviCRM implementation projects;
  • Migrate data from various sources into client CiviCRM implementations;
  • Directly interact with and assist clients with a breadth of CiviCRM daily use and administrative needs;
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with CiviCRM implementations;
  • Be responsive and engaged with the business and administration of the cooperative, increasing as the worker approaches worker-ownership.

How to Apply

Applications are due by January 23, 2017. Please email us at join [at] with your resume and a cover letter/letter of interest, including why you're interested in joining a worker cooperative and working with social justice community organizations.

People of color, women, genderqueer and trans folks, queer people and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.