About Us

We are a worker cooperative that provides technology consulting services to nonprofit progressive, social justice, & community organizations. Our tight focus allows us to specialize in tools specific to the needs of the movements we serve.

We each bring deep engagement with activism and organizing in non-technological capacities, including involvement with many of our client organizations. This breadth of experience allows Palante Tech to provide services tailored to the specialized needs of nonprofit and community organizations.

Alisia Rueda
Headshot of Alisia

Alisia has spent her career facilitating the daily operations of businesses both large and small, and even achieved her childhood dream of running an annual renaissance festival. Taking Mr. Rogers' advice, she went looking for the helpers and found a home at Palante. Alisia lives in Pennsylvania with her spouse, their cats, and the repercussions of a voracious reading habit.

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Manu Mei-Singh
Manu Mei-Singh, smiling with burgundy oxford button up

Manu Mei-Singh (He/They) is an urban planner, artist, designer & full stack software engineer with over ten years of experience within the technology space. He/they has also worked within the social justice space for over ten years. When not working with technology, manu passes the time with family: making art, rock-climbing, juggling, B-boying, and cycling. 

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Hannah Atkinson

Hannah’s love of computers began when her mother brought home an old 386 and have remained a constant in her life ever since. After bouncing around different jobs in her youth, she realized that her true passion lay in IT. Since graduating from college with a AAS in Networking, Hannah has worked in the industry as a systems administrator since 2014. She joined Palante to put her well-honed skills to use supporting causes she firmly believes in.

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Jessica Oros

Jess has been fascinated and inspired by technology for as long as she can remember. She is a committed fighter for social justice and thrives in environments where she can apply her knowledge and skills to help others. She has been involved in activism of various forms throughout her life, organizing and creating multimedia tools to elevate the stories and improve the lives of those most vulnerable to systemic oppression. She is also a casual musician, an artist of sorts, a huge video game design nerd, and eventually she will finally finish her ultimate masterpiece video game that will save the world one day, she promises.

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Jamila Ruya Khan
Jamila Ruya Khan surrounded by lilacs

Jamila lives the dream in a queer intentional community in the Hudson Valley. Starting with an Apple IIGS, they have worked hard at perfecting the art of taking computers apart when they don't work, and putting them back together so they do. A queer trans Muslim punk, Jamila loves that they get to use their skills and knowledge in support of so many wonderful organizations.

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Angel is delighted to be the newest member of the Palante Tech Team. They graduated from Wellesley College with a double major in Computer Science and Studio Art. They enjoy tinkering with computers, painting, and getting to know the local feral cat population.

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