Palante Technology Cooperative works to help progressive nonprofit organizations move forward with the aid of technology. We come to this work with technical expertise, a deep understanding of the particular needs of community organizations, and a long-standing commitment to working for social justice.

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Palante Tech Welcomes Janine!

Palante is thrilled to introduce our newest worker, Janine Ko! Janine comes to us with a background in computer science, peer education, ethnic studies, and health organizing, and has also worked with some of Palante's current clients in their capacity as an organizer. Their work at Palante will focus on providing tech support to clients in New York City. We're excited to have another awesome new cooperative member to work with and look forward to their collaborations with Palante's client organizations!


Palante Tech Welcomes k054!

k054Palante is very excited to introduce k054 as our newest worker! k054 is based in Mexico and is our first worker outside of the US, and we're glad for the opportunity for international solidarity. k054 has worked as an organizer and technologist for many years and in many capacities and is joining Palante as a member of our CiviCRM and web team.


Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Happy New Year! Well sorta! ( Time just keeps slipping away!)

2017 was a year of change for Palante. We said goodbye to a co-founding worker, Joseph, started doing digital security work and welcomed several new clients to the fold! Most importantly though, and not previously stated on this blog, we welcomed two new worker-owners to the fold! Let us introduce again Kristin and Morgan!


Encrypted Backups

Inspired by recent political developments, Palante has prioritized changing the backup infrastructure that we use for ourselves and our clients to support encrypted backups. We chose BorgBackup (, and can now say we fully support encrypted backups to local usb drives and to remote ssh servers for our clients. If the usb backup drive or the remote backup server fell into the wrong hands, your files on those drives would be inaccessible to anyone without the encryption key.

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