Drupal & CiviCRM Maintenance and Support Plans

Palante Technology Cooperative now offers monthly maintenance and support plans for Drupal and CiviCRM. These plans are designed to keep your tools running smoothly and without interruptions, your software up-to-date with the latest bug and security fixes, and your important data backed up and protected with minimal intervention on your part so that you can focus on your organization's important work.

What are the advantages of a maintenance or support plan over normal hourly work?

  • Guaranteed availability: With a maintenance or support plan, you've reserved Palante's time in advance, so we'll be better prepared to handle any unexpected emergencies or urgent needs.

  • Rapid response and quicker turnaround times: Maintenance and support plan clients are given priority in our work days. We are committed to resolving site outages and other major problems for maintenance plan clients as quickly as possible. We also provide support plan clients with same-day turnaround for urgent incidents and quick responses to non-urgent questions and support requests.

  • Automated 24/7 monitoring and alerts: Plan clients receive automated monitoring that keeps watch over important services and assets, including site uptime, domain name expiration and alterations, SSL certificate expiration, scheduled data backups, and other important items. This helps us prevent some major problems before they happen and intervene as quickly as possible when problems do occur.

  • Up to 15 minutes of complimentary troubleshooting per incident for urgent site issues, like outages; this allows Palante to work quickly to get things back online as soon as we detect a problem without needing to wait for client approval of rush work.

  • A predictable, flat monthly fee for maintenance and support: Make your tech budgeting easier by eliminating some of the uncertainty with our flat rates!


What does it cost?

Monthly fees for support and maintenance plans are based on your organization's hourly rate on our sliding scale. Maintenance plans typically cost the equivalent of one hour's work per month or less.

What's included?

  • Initial setup billed at a reduced hourly rate, including installation of maintenance tools, setup of a development site for testing new features or updates when needed, and an initial round of software updates and log reviews.
  • Monitoring for outages and Drupal/CiviCRM-specific problems.
  • Configuration and monitoring of regularly scheduled automated backups.
  • Regular log reviews to ensure proper site functionality and identify any problems as early as possible.
  • Complimentary initial troubleshooting of site outages.
  • Emergency system maintenance needed to maintain functional systems included free of charge.
  • Software updates applied within guaranteed turnaround times, with critical security updates applied within one business day.
  • Maintenance and updates for the virtual private server (VPS) on which the Drupal or CiviCRM installation is hosted for a small additional monthly fee.
  • SSL certificate installation and renewal.
  • Support plans additionally include even quicker turnaround times for both urgent and non-urgent work.

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