Our Values

Palante Technology Cooperative and its members uphold and demonstrate the following values and principles in our work:

  • We strive to make ethical decisions according to our shared politics as we operate in an unjust world. We stand in political solidarity with labor, environmental, and abolitionist movements and work to advance those causes. We are anti-racist, anti-war, anti-transphobia, anti-prison, and anti-police.
  • We practice our politics by working with organizations that uplift and build the power of marginalized and oppressed communities. We work to implement and develop technologies that are politically and practically beneficial to those groups.
  • We cultivate expertise in the technology that will best serve social justice movements and grassroots organizations. We do good work by implementing that technology to the best of our ability for our clients. We look ahead to the future and stay on the cutting edge as technology and our movements change.
  • As a cooperative, we are explicitly anti-capitalist. The value of our work is not dictated by the profit motive, and we strive to build an economy of solidarity and cooperation rather than competition and extraction. We stand for the seven cooperative principles and work to support and collaborate with other technology cooperatives.
  • We work to create an accessible and sustainable workplace for all of our workers. In our policy and decision making, we take into account the ways in which our different class backgrounds and family structures affect our needs as workers. We prioritize and support each other in living full lives outside of work.
  • We treat each other well. We value fairness, collective decision-making, shared accountability and responsibility as a group. We value autonomy, individual growth, and professional development for individuals. We work to keep each other safe.