Encrypted Backups

Inspired by recent political developments, Palante has prioritized changing the backup infrastructure that we use for ourselves and our clients to support encrypted backups. We chose BorgBackup (https://www.borgbackup.org/), and can now say we fully support encrypted backups to local usb drives and to remote ssh servers for our clients. If the usb backup drive or the remote backup server fell into the wrong hands, your files on those drives would be inaccessible to anyone without the encryption key. For our Managed Services Plan clients who use usb drive backups and/or backups to Mayfirst/People Link, your backups are already switched to the new system.

We have documented the full technical steps on PT Commons, which is where put all the documentation we make available for use by the community. 

Thanks go to Jon Goldberg, Benzhaomin, and Guillaume Subiron, whose previous work on borg and backupninja made this possible.

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