Managed IT Plans

We formed Palante Tech to support community organizations who couldn't afford dedicated IT staff. Over time, we realized that our groups were falling further behind technologically because they only called on our IT expertise in moments of crisis. We realized it wasn't sufficient to only be the emergency technicians for groups without IT staff; we needed to offer oversight and strategic thinking so that groups could remain up-to-date. We also wanted a support model that allowed us to build an infrastructure that benefits all our clients while also distributing that cost so that no one group would shoulder the cost of those improvements.

We've therefore developed a Managed IT Support Plan for Palante clients, which offers the following benefits for a fixed monthly cost:

  • We will audit your IT spending to find possible savings through donations, nonprofit discounts, or more competitive alternative vendors.
  • We set aside time each month for discussing new developments in non-profit tech and discuss technology from a big-picture perspective.
  • We will fix an unlimited number of issues on a “break/fix” basis: if it worked on the day you signed up with us, we'll fix it if it breaks.
  • We will ensure that your computers are kept up to date with critical software updates and virus and malware protection; if a computer becomes compromised, we'll fix it.
  • We guarantee our response time.
  • We will manage all the day-to-day tasks of user management – creating and deleting e-mail inboxes, server accounts, etc.
  • We will keep your computers' software up-to-date remotely.
  • We will monitor your Internet connection, your backups, and will help manage relationships with other IT vendors.
  • There's a free hour reserved each month for us to provide consultations on how best to use technology to advance your work.

These are just the highlights--for more benefits and the full details of our support plan, please contact us.