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Drush for Teams Workflow: // Write code git commit && git push //need most recent config? drush site-install -y welcom install drupal with profile with drush: drush site-install -y (which is the simplified command because of his drushrc.php) full command: drush si --yes $install_profile_name Create installation profile files to quickly start from scratch with your standard setup drushrc.php can include options you use often for drush commands (e.g. site-install)
Session by Dmitri Gaskin, awesome as always. dmitri01 [at]
Session info on Drupalcon site
Panelists: Amye Scavarda (moderator), Chris Strahl, Vanessa Turke, Seth Brown, Rachel Scott
Palante Tech is heading to Chicago! Jon and I are flying in on Monday morning; he'll be attending CiviCon and I'll be attending DrupalCon while Mila and Joseph hold things down back in NYC.
I participated in this panel at the Progressive Technology Project's REVERB training for community organizers working on issues around immigration. Below are notes I wrote before my presentation and a few jotted down quickly during the panel itself. I encourage Jane and Eric, my co-panelists, and everyone else who was there (or not!) to contribute additional thoughts, tips, and comments.