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I'm currently en route from Minnesota, where I helped the Progressive Technology Project train community organizations on using PowerBase, to Detroit for the 2011 Allied Media Conference. This will be my second time in Detroit (I was here for last year's US Social Forum) but my first time at the AMC, and I'm thoroughly excited, not only because the entire event is sure to be amazing, but also because I'm presenting!
Today I successfully set up backing up all of our company's Google Documents to our own server in OpenOffice formats. Here's how I did it.
with Aaron Pava (CivicActions), Jody Hamilton (Zivtech), Eric Gundersen (Development Seed), Lior Kesos (Linnovate) View the session video on
Jon and I attended CiviCon and DrupalCon in Chicago this past week. We learned TONS from both and we're all about sharing the knowledge. We've added notes from both DrupalCon and CiviCon to our Raw Notes series. Hope you enjoy them; please comment and share if you find them useful!
Facebook API exposes all sorts of useful information – though apparently this changes on a very frequent basis.
Koumbit – non-profit cooperative (non-profit incorporation works better for this in Quebec), they handle not just projects but webhosting, monitoring, etc. Aegir – Meant to simplify management, updating multiple sites, has a web GUI, so clients can clone etc. sites themselves, do testing, and merge back into their main site.