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A common need when creating Drupal content types that include geographic info: a key|value formatted list of US states and territories that can be dropped into the allowed values attribute of a field. I found this great start, a list of all the states, then added the territories and their postal codes from Wikipedia. Hope this helps someone else!
If you search online, the most common method for extracting a list of subscribers of a Mailman list requires command-line access to the Mailman server.  There's a much more user-friendly way to do it via the web interface. The easiest way is to pull up the roster, which you can do by taking the web address for the admin interface, and substituting the word "roster" for the word "admin". So for example:
Palante Tech will be running at limited capacity on May 1st to allow us to participate alongside our client organizations, allies, and the thousands of others across the United States and around the world organizing for the Occupy general strike and International Workers' Day. We're happy that as a worker-owned cooperative, we were able to bring our shared values and beliefs to this consensus-based decision.
Palante Tech is excited to announce Benjamin Doherty as the newest member of our cooperative! Benjamin, aka bangpound on and elsewhere online, is a longtime Drupal developer and contributor to Drupal core and modules.
This is a writeup of our internal process for troubleshooting rdiff-backup/backupninja errors. Please note that it's a work in progress!
Palante Technology has been together for a while, and for months we have been working towards this moment. Last Friday, thanks to the help of the wonderful lawyers at the Urban Justice Center's Community Development Project, the four current worker-owners of Palante Tech signed the papers to officially become Palante Technology Cooperative, Incorporated! We are now an official New York State Cooperative Corporation. We're proud to have our official name reflect our commitment to collective organizing, and to supporting an alternative economy where all workers have respect, stability, and agency in their workplace. ¡Pa'lante!