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Presented by Young Hahn of Development Seed Open Atrium & Context
Features automatically knows what's exportable install Strongarm to export/edit variables Context - use it for exportable block positioning and visibility export all of your views and panels Flag Do work in development, export it to code, push code to production, clear your cache, then your changes are in Package Builder
Yesterday I installed Open Atrium for the first time. I've been using GoPlan for a few years now and while it's a great app and has been totally satisfactory, we'd prefer to use something free and open source for project management. And since this is a Drupal shop, nothing makes more sense than Open Atrium.
NYC has the first group page on It's a pilot, so comments and suggestions are very welcome to make it more useful. Case Study: Fred from the Man Up Campaign Joomla website Use CiviCRM profiles for contact pages to collect information from site visitors, track their inquiries
Jen Simmons on the Bartik theme Garland - been around since D5 as the core/standard theme D6 - use a good base theme to override crappy HTML in core D7 - folks focusing on making core tpl's non-crappy Stark theme - "Zen Lite" - see the HTML that comes straight out of the core tpls - better theme to adapt than Garland (don't do it!) Seven - the new core admin/back end theme Bartik! new core theme, but it's not actually in core yet because it's not done
These are truly raw notes taken at the CiviCRM Developer Camp in NYC. These notes are mostly intended for and thus primarily decipherable by me, but I’m sharing them in case there’s something of use or interest for other folks.