Palante Tech Blog

In early January all eight Palante workers gathered in our cooperative's original home base of NYC for our winter retreat. We met in the conference room at The Muste Institute, a Palante client and a hub for social justice organizing in NYC that also houses the War Resisters League, another longtime Palante client. We soaked in the revolutionary energy of the space and let it inspire our hard work towards building a stronger, more sustainable and more effective cooperative to better support ourselves and our movements. We were also excited to borrow the balloon arch that we found in their office for our traditional retreat photo!
Palante stands in solidarity with non-profit employees unionizing across the country who are exercising their rights to collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. As a democratic, worker-owned cooperative that serves non-profit and community organizations advancing social justice, we believe that the internal structures of our movements and organizations should model the liberated world we are trying to build.
Palante is excited to welcome Jessica Oros as our newest worker! Jess is a software engineer with more than ten years of professional experience developing, maintaining and supporting websites and applications. As an activist and organizer, Jess is a longtime participant in struggles for social justice like the ones she'll be supporting through her web work at Palante. We're excited to add Jess' expertise to our team, expanding our capacity to support our clients as well as allowing us to contribute more to the open source projects we use and benefit from daily.
This past June, the Palante Technology workers met up in upstate New York for our summer retreat. Nina joined us remotely from Michigan. Many snacks were eaten, many important conversations were had!
This position has been filled! Palante Technology Cooperative is seeking a new worker to join our cooperative! We are looking for someone who is passionate about supporting nonprofit social justice organizations in meeting their technology goals. The new worker will join our web team, providing remote support, training, feature development and other services to clients across the country.
Palante is pleased to announce that Janine has accepted an invitation to become our latest worker-owner. Janine joined us last fall and hit the ground running, getting deeply immersed in dealing with Palante's diverse field of IT clients. They are now a vital part of our technical support wing and we are excited to continue to grow with them as an owner.  Let us all congratulate Janine on becoming a full worker-owner in our cooperative.