Palante Tech Blog

This summer Palante wished very fond adieus to two longtime worker-owners, Jessie Lee and Nina Reyes, who were part of our cooperative for eight and nine years respectively -- big chunks of the existence of our twelve-year-old business!
Palante is very excited to welcome Alisia Rueda to our team as our first dedicated Operations Manager ever! Janine did the awesome work of proposing and beginning this position, and we knew we wanted to formalize and continue the role after they left earlier this year. After a long search during which we considered many excellent candidates, we were super happy to bring Alisia onto the team! Since day one she has demonstrated extraordinary dedication, organization and skill in wrangling the many facets of Palante's operations.
In 2020 Jack Aponte took Palante Technology Cooperative's first sabbatical. As they described in their blog post announcing their sabbatical, we designed our policy with the plan that it would be repeatable, so that each member of Palante can enjoy this benefit during their tenure at the cooperative. And so the time comes again when a member of our cooperative lifts their head up from their screen, and adventures out into the world.
After five years of taming CiviCRM instances with Palante, Morgan is returning to the world of geographic information systems (GIS).
Due to old tax software that assumed every cooperative was a farm, there has been a running joke at our coop that Palante would one day get into farming. We still haven’t, but Janine has! 
Palante is excited to give a belated blog welcome to Angel, our newest worker! Angel joined our tech support team back in July and dove right into their new role with enthusiasm, quickly demonstrating their hard-won help desk skills in supporting our tech support clients in NYC and beyond. They have also quickly begun contributing to our internal organizational work to make Palante a better workplace for our workers and better service provider for our clients. We're thrilled to have Angel on board as we continue to grow, evolve, and provide vital technology services to our movements.