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Panelists: Amye Scavarda (moderator), Chris Strahl, Vanessa Turke, Seth Brown, Rachel Scott
Palante Tech is heading to Chicago! Jon and I are flying in on Monday morning; he'll be attending CiviCon and I'll be attending DrupalCon while Mila and Joseph hold things down back in NYC.
I participated in this panel at the Progressive Technology Project's REVERB training for community organizers working on issues around immigration. Below are notes I wrote before my presentation and a few jotted down quickly during the panel itself. I encourage Jane and Eric, my co-panelists, and everyone else who was there (or not!) to contribute additional thoughts, tips, and comments.
look at other similar projects, how long those took, what problems you ran into on those hourly estimates, number of days write out a narrative of the expected timeline add a lot of padding to initial estimates your estimate builds your client's expectations; don't inflate them artificially if you're really honest, some clients might come back and say no; have to accept that possibility if you do a high-end hourly estimate, you might come in under budget and the client might get a better deal
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