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Angie "webchick" Byron and Greg "heyrocker" Dunlap engage in conversation about the Drupal community, often acting as devil's advocate to each other's arguments and presenting opinions held by Drupal community members other than themselves.
Drush for Teams Workflow: // Write code git commit && git push //need most recent config? drush site-install -y welcom install drupal with profile with drush: drush site-install -y (which is the simplified command because of his drushrc.php) full command: drush si --yes $install_profile_name Create installation profile files to quickly start from scratch with your standard setup drushrc.php can include options you use often for drush commands (e.g. site-install)
Session by Dmitri Gaskin, awesome as always. dmitri01 [at]
Session info on Drupalcon site
Panelists: Amye Scavarda (moderator), Chris Strahl, Vanessa Turke, Seth Brown, Rachel Scott
Palante Tech is heading to Chicago! Jon and I are flying in on Monday morning; he'll be attending CiviCon and I'll be attending DrupalCon while Mila and Joseph hold things down back in NYC.